Are both East & West courts available to book? currently only East, as the West court pinPAD has been vandalised. Aiming to enable West courts again late 2019, early 2020.

I’ve created my Book a Court (BaC, clubSPARK) account, where is my membership PIN to open the gate? it will be issued with your first booking

Why do i need to create a BaC account? this is required as TennisVic login, where membership detailed are stored, is not integrated with the clubSPARK BaC system. There are currently no plans to do this.

Are the East court’s “court IV” and back gate padlocks still in us? yes, same key too

Making a Booking – court access: How long do I have to wait before I can access the court? 15 minutes from when the email booking confirmation was received.

Making a Booking – night time/lighting: Is there a charge? Yes and we have worked to keep this as low as we can, so it covers basic utility cost.

Guest’s courtesy usage of courts/facilities (from 27/6 Club AGM): What happens if we get more guests coming in, who don’t look after the courts etc? We request members as ever, keep an eye on the premises and contact the committee by the usual means.

What happens if a guest/member is practising on their own & has a health scare & the gate is locked (i.e. faints?) (from 27/6 AGM):  The emergency services are well versed in dealing with locked gates.  If a passer by is agile enough they may be able to scale the fence to help however this is at their own risk.

Timeframes: Feb 2019: Project commenced, target complete Jun 2019. May 2019: Funding secured (following Federal Govt delay), tennisVic approve installation. Jul 2019: Keypad and tennis court infrastructure installed, Book a Court member and admin set up. Aug 2019: West court vandalism – delayed roll out. Nov 2019 (planned): The East courts generic PIN will be turned off at the end of November, Book a Court will be fully in use. The West courts pin pad replacement funding support options will be reviewed.

How did the Club afford such an ambitious project? We were fortunate to be awarded a grant of $24,000 from Sport Aus via their Community Sport Infrastructure scheme.  This together with grants from Tennis Australia and support from Modec has allowed us to open our courts up to the community and improve access for our members.  Thank you!

BaC TennisVic guides: http://support.tennis.com.au/product-knowledge-base/book-a-court/

contact us at https://greensboroughtennisclub.org/contact/ for more as you like 🙂